wholesaling real estate

Well, it looks like Jae is coming up in the wholesaling world. He has learned what he needs to do and is very honest about it. He is setting his sights on getting deals done and reaching out to the connections he’s made. The journey is what matters and it looks like Jae has a great head on his shoulders and there is NO doubt that he can achieve his goals no matter what business he is in.

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Interview with a new real estate wholesaler. Learn how Carmen started wholesaling and see what tips and secrets she has to share for newbies!

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As you know we had a mortgage/housing bubble pop in late 2007. Surprisingly enough, this was the same time I decided to get into real estate investing. Maybe it was the guru hype or whatever, but either way I went into the industry with hardened confidence (either that or newbie naivete). Regardless, I remember walkingbee

wholesaling real estate

You can read everywhere online how to get started in real estate, but my experiences have taught me that beyond the marketing, calls, and negotiating, the mind or inner game, is most important. A great analogy would be a carpenter and his tools. Having top notch tools is imperative, but being the top notch skilledbee


Chicago Brick Bungalow

Chicago Brick Bungalow

Property Adress: 9400 South Block of Racine Property City: Chicago Asking Price: 35,000 Estimated After Repaired Value: 180,000 Estimated Cost of Repairs: $65-75,000 Street addresses and sales prices of comps: 9206 S Racine Ave. Chicago, IL 60620 Sold for $185,000 on Dec 12, 20129008 S May St. Chicago, IL 60620 Sold for $185,000 on Decbee

Cash Flow Property in Markham – Unavailable

Cash Flow Property in Markham, IL. 4 bed 2 bath, renting $1,100 a month with section 8. Only 24K! This is a steal in a great neighborhood.

New Lenox, IL – Wholesale Property

New wholesale property in New Lenox, IL. This gem is very clean single family home and has a 20% potential ROI. Good area, needs appliances and paint.

Chicago Wholesale Property – Townhouse Northside

This is a 3 story townhouse built in 2008, it is clean. Real Estate Investors can pick this up and do some easy cleaning. Needs paint inside, polish the hard wood floors, new carpet in the bedrooms and stainless appliances.