5 Lessons Investors Can Learn From The US. Women’s Soccer Team

This past weekend the U.S. Women’s team defeated their rival Brazil in a heroic win. The game serves as a metaphor for how we can succeed in this market. I was inspired and hope to inspire you in case you missed the game!

The US had everything that could go wrong for them, go wrong, and they still managed to eek out a win against their arch rival. In many ways, this is symbolic of our current economic times – many feel like they are at a disadvantage, like time is running out, and frustrations can lead to early quitting. However, even when the odds seem as though they are against you, people are still managing to create a great living and substantial wealth in this market.

First of all, I know I know, soccer is NOT considered an interesting sport by most Americans. However, the fighting human spirit can be witnessed in any competitive scenario, business is no different. You cannot achieve your goals if you are wholesaling one day, selling juice another, pushing insurance, etc.. Pick your strategy and trust that you CAN have and BE whatever you desire!

Below are 5 lessons I got from watching the US Women’s Soccer Team prevail:

Lesson: Stay the course! – Create and execute your plan! We all know that marketing is the blood line for any real estate investor and that plan must be followed no matter what! Sports teams watch tape of their opponent and create game plans to attack and exploit the weaknesses of the opponent. Real estate investors should stay on top of their game in the same matter. Set your goals and break them down into steps and measurable achievements, and stick to it! You may even surprise yourself one day!

Lesson: Crap happens, so what! – The U.S. played a man down after a controversial red card early in the 2nd half. Many investors will run into walls, or hurdles that feel unfair. A lot of factors go into making a deal happen and almost any small incident could put your project in jeopardy. However, you can still overcome most obstacles by using what you have and the human resources around you. Yes, deals will fall apart – trust me I know, but that should never stop you from still attacking each deal every way possible.

Lesson: Keep taking shots! – People do not achieve their true greatness because they falter, get frustrated, and quit just moments before their opportunity comes. There is a saying, it’s always darkest before the dawn. Real estate investing is a numbers game and you won’t win unless you keep hitting each deal with all you have. The more opportunities you give yourself to negotiate a property or submit an offer, the more opportunities you have. Yes, its frustrating to not get an offer accepted, its more frustrating to never have made it at all!

Lesson: Do not quit! – This may seem a bit redundant but its 100% true! For anyone to succeed in any industry they must ride the ups and weather the storms. We cannot control the economic environment in which we do business but we can control how we react to it. When it feels like time may be running out and you have considered quitting just know that you may be 1 deal away from changing the course of your life.

Lesson: Expect Success! – Yesterday we saw a team continue to fight until the last second, when they tied the game in order to finish in a penalty kick shoot out. Unfortunately, we do not have a game clock , per say, in real estate. However, everyone reading this should expect success! Their is NO OTHER way about it. If you set your goals, make a plan to achieve them, and keep at it no matter what – you will find it!! Success could be as simple as your first deal. This WILL happen no matter what, in fact, it might happen when you least expect it to.

Have faith and enjoy the challenges!

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» Steve Werner said: { Nov 21, 2011 - 09:11:15 }

Great insight!

Great recipe for success also. I love the phrase “learn to expect success”