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Do You Fix and Flip in Chicago? Call Frank!

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to meet Chicago Real Estate Agent Frank Montro and his team. Within a short period of time I also helped him and his team with a few deals, which helped me learn a tremendous amount about Chicago real estate investing.

Maybe you have seen his now-famous green and white For Sale signs?  –>

There are plenty of investors out there who attempt to build their own teams of brokers, agents, and contractors, but none have a system like Frank. In 2010 he helped coordinate the purchase and sale of 265 houses! 2011 was basically the same and 2012 looks to be another high 200 deal year! That’s almost 900 homes in 3-4 years!!!

What is the difference? Unlike most investor friendly agents, Frank makes it personal and has made it his life’s mission to help fix and stabilize many of Chicago neighborhoods.

People want to be around Frank because he shares his knowledge openly with other brokers, agents, and such. For example, in 2010 Frank held a 1 night event at a hotel near the South Side and more than 300 real estate professionals showed up to listen to him speak. Who in Chicago can do that? Not many!

How I Met Frank Montro

Our first meeting, believe it or not, was sparked by a Facebook post. I gave credit and praise to  a new investor who closed on her first deal and asked others to join me in congratulating her. Frank saw this on the page and invited me to meet him at his temporary office, Starbucks!

Check out the video that literally helped my business take off, a tour I did with Frank back in the day!

Ever since then, I am not surprised by the amount of respect and admiration investors, agents, and brokers have for him. He has won numerous awards both in and out of the real estate industry simply because he does what he says he will do.

For all you newbies, Frank is not a one hit wonder who went to some dinky seminar either. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Frank, you can tell he is motivated by a higher idea, stabilizing Chicago neighborhoods and giving families their dream home at a reasonable price. Because he is driven by such a high purpose, he and others like him are able to weather the storm and continue on, regardless of market or economy.

Lessons I Learned from Frank

Work Hard – Very Hard – This guy gets up at 5 am and starts working (it may be 4, but either way its ridiculously early). Most people have a hard time getting out of bed at 8 am and you cannot expect to reach success in any field if you do not have the passion to give your career this much enthusiasm. Nothing comes for free, especially in real estate, so do your best to go after every lead, opportunity and make sure you bring your best!

Side note: Frank called me at 6 am one time and said it was his lunch time…ha!

Have a Purpose – What is Your Why? If all you want is money, you wont last long as a real estate investor. Real Estate investing is about creating a home for others, whether you rent or sell, someone will be living in what you created! If your only goal is money, then you may not last through tough times (as many didnt) and your work will be hindered by limited thinking. However, if your purpose is to rebuild a community, give a family a home, or design an amazing piece of work, you will most likely go far in anything you do.

Build a Team – This is not perfect but its the only way to get to the financial goals most people only dream of. Real Estate, wholesaling, or investing, is a team effort! Having people around you who you trust who know their job is very important. While it can take years to find the right mix, you cannot have fear and must be willing to listen to others.

Keep Learning – This is probably the most important lesson I learned from watching Frank and his team go to work. The Chicago Real Estate market has changed dramatically in the past few years and many investors did not know where to go or what to do. Fortunately an agent like Frank knows the ins and outs and is constantly looking for the edge, whether it’s a new loan product, a government regulation, city zoning, you name it – it has to be learned so you can adjust!

You can check out Frank in the latest article by here

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