How To Generate More Income From Your Real Estate Business, In Less Time!

Outsourcing Your Real Estate Businessoutsourcing real estate

When your budget is right you should consider doing so. Think about it, if you generate an average of $400 an hour, why do $10 an hour work? Hire someone to do that job for you. When you do this you can focus on what your good at which is making money. Outsourcing is easier than you think and a MUST do if you are a serious entrepreneur. In this article I will briefly explain how to work ON your business not in it and what you can start outsourcing today!

First thing I advise wholesalers and investors to outsource is the phone service and call backs. Lets say you put out 200 bandit signs a week, you will be generating hundreds of calls a month! But if you’re a smart investor, you know that your time is not mean to be spent on the phone. You should hire a call center to take your calls or have a call center do call backs. Either way, you want to make sure that you hire a company like, to take your calls live. All you do is create a script and train them on what information you need in order to qualify that lead. This way, you instruct the call center agents to email you the leads that best match your criteria.

Direct Mail Services: Another way to outsource your business is to hire a direct mailing company.¬† I just used a company called While this company charges you a upfront fee and a monthly fee, you free yourself from having to do any mailings yourself. Yes this is a bit of a cost, but you’re an entrepreneur and this is the cost of doing smart business. If you do probate/estate deals, you have STL provide the list or you send it to them. Set your budget and schedule the mailings and hit PLAY! The calls generated will go to your call center and all you have to do is follow up on your qualified leads.

I have given you 2 sources that I have used in the past, but do your homework and make sure you find a company that fits what you want and your budget. If you are hesitant to start putting money into these vehicles for your busienss, you do not have a business yet. Wholesaling real estate and having a business in general requires that you maximize your efforts while minimizing costs.

Bandit Signs. Signs is the first thing you should stop doing upon your first deal. I suggest you put up signs first because  you need to know what it feels like and hire others knowing what it takes. Putting real estate signs up around town is one of the biggest time wasters and can be outsourced for literally $1.25 per sign.

Making offers РLooking at Property. Outsourcing this job takes some time because you will need to find a contractor who will be willing to go to properties on your behalf and estimating repairs and making an offer to the owner. I know if many wholesalers who do this because they aer working in volume and know what to look for when making deals. If you have a contractor who knows their stuff, you can offer them $75-$150  per house they view or whatever you feel is comfortable. You can also hire bird dogs and train them to do this, either way you get the point. Do something once, and then hire others to do that job for you.

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