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Are you looking to do business in Englewood?

This video accompanies a article that the wrote regarding this unique Chicago neighborhood. While many investors seem to be picking up many CHEAP Englewood 2 flats, is it a good investment? We do not think that the area defines the property, however we know a large number of investors that would NOT touch this area, and some who have bought well over 10 properties.

Even with the stigma of being one of Chicago’s most crime ridden neighborhoods, Englewood has proven to be a neighborhood many investors are looking at helping to turn around. This area is where Derrick Rose and Bernie Mac came from. However, for every star player, or stand out professional who call Englewood home, there are thousands of tragic endings. With a high unemployment rate, devastating crime, and empty foreclosures on every block, this once flourishing Chicago neighborhood is looking more like Detroit, and nothing like a proud Chicago neighborhood. But if you just take a ride down Garfield Boulevard you will see the remnants of lavish single family houses, mini mansions almost, and gigantic brick residential buildings now all destroyed or boarded up.

Those of us who are not from there cannot understand the way of life for the residents and daily struggles to have an overall good life. Instead, as investors, we see cheap properties, cash flow estimates, and section 8 money. This neighborhood should not be something to be afraid of, instead it should be looked at as a opportunity to do more than just buy and rent a house. Each property renovated and well maintained gives the community one more place to be proud of, and one place less for crime to take place. Its not everyone’s cup of tea, but for true investors with vision, this may be a place you can build your empire, and turn a whole neighborhood around in the process.



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» natosha davis said: { Jul 31, 2011 - 07:07:55 }

WOW! THIS IS SAD! My heart goes out to the people of that area but who would want to live there! The crime rate in englewood alone scares me, I think that investors are afraid of not being able to sale and that makes them hesitate. However if they fix up the properties that they purchase and maintain them I think it will make a difference but the community has to come together and put together some type of neighborhood watch to try and make the town a bit safer.

» RJ Cid said: { Nov 10, 2011 - 04:11:26 }

Great comment Natosha. Investors are not afraid of profits, which they can make anywhere. Englewood in Chicago provides a mix bag of results for investors. Some dont mind the area, they undrstand want comes with it, and some dont care to be there. The only realy difference will come from the area having jobs for the residents to better the area.