Learn to Wholesale Real Estate

Want to Start Wholesaling Real Estate,

But Don’t Know How to Begin?

Most people never get to do their first deal no matter how much they read or how many videos they watch online. Something always seems to be in their way of starting out, let alone being successful. Sound familiar? How many times have you done the seminar dance? You know, the one where you go to seminars, purchase products, take a million pages worth of notes, and then go home only to do NOTHING? Soon frustration sets in, people begin to doubt you, friends and family tell you to STOP dreaming – and we repeat this cycle.

Many who go to seminars suffer from info-overload. Too often people get home and tell their love. I’ve come to realize that the more information and notes you take, the less you feel you can do! This is why most of us never get going when we return from a seminar or weekend training!


Confusion – Where to start, who to talk to, where to put signs, what marketing materials to buy

Confidence – That internal voice we all have that doubts we can do something (it never really goes away btw, you just have to beat it up = )

Accountability – With nobody to answer to, what do you do when the FIRE is out?

MONEY – I DON’T HAVE ANY! – By the way, why do people charge THOUSANDS to teach when you could use that same amount of money to DO DEALS?!?! <– I never got this… anyhow, back to my pitch = )

My Story

I come from a sales and marketing background. By end of 2007 I made a decision to get out of my current job and started in real estate. I went to a local seminar – which tried to sell on their education for $16K!!

Yikes…I was like:

real estate meme

I put myself out there and started to meet a bunch of so-called investors. These were basically shady people that made a lot of money during the BOOM years and were dismantled by the crash – so they tried selling all sorts of education, products, and seminars.

But all I wanted was to do deals!!

I begged and pleaded with investors to let me help them out. Eventually a local broker led me to believe that short sales were the answer and working in his office was key to my success…


I spent 8 months GRINDING it out with pay, no help, not even any kind of mentoring or coaching! Needless to say, after 8 months, I quit. Defeated and demoralized.

I retreated back home and was forced to get a sales job – renting apartments. However, a few months later I decided to give it another shot! By this time I had heard about wholesaling real estate and I was all jazzed up! I threw 2K down, went to a weekend boot camp and bought my first product!

When I came home, I was floating on air!

I JUST KNEW I was going to make it. I would say to myself, I am going to be a wholesaler!

I got home, sat at my desk and I quickly realized that I had TOO MUCH information! I was info overloaded and I did not know where to start. Out of fear, I went back to renting apartments and left the products on the shelf…

A few months later I was miserable AGAIN! So out of pure anger and frustration, I became committed to one thing and one thing only:

I was going to do everything possible to do JUST ONE DEAL – no matter what!

After 2 MONTHS of running around aimlessly and throwing paint on the walls, I:

  • Found a seller
  • Found a buyer
  • Connected the dots and….. I HAD A CHECK FOR $2,000 in my hand!
First Wholesale Real Estate check

Before I knew it, I was bringing in some pretty big checks, $2,000, $5,000, even $8,000!!

Eventually I started coaching others to do their first deals. I charged $100 an hour for consultations and $600 for monthly mentorship. And that’s cheap!

Unfortunately, I noticed was that 99% of those I talked to never got going at all and the money they spent only made them FEEL like they were doing something, but weren’t.

I struggled to understand why people did not get it. Eventually I started writing down everything I did and how I did it which is how this eBook came about.

That’s Great, But What makes this eBook special?





Getting Started – What You Get

Table of Contents



Before You Start: Setting up some goals and recommended reading material that you should have in your book case. Too often many who fail do not read. If you DO NOT READ you do NOT succeed! All success starts inside your mind before it ever shows up outside. Making sure you have goals is the only way to keep your eyes focused on the prize!

Tools and Resources – A list and a set of instructions for everything you need to wholesale! From cell phone and apps to 3rd party fax services. Also, I added the voice mail script that I use to screen leads before you ever talk to them!

How to Put Together Successful Marketing Strategies

Bandit Sign Strategy that WORKS – Not only will you find out where to buy, how many to buy, how much you should pay, and how to write your message you will get my EXCLUSIVE system that I used to generate over $10,000 in one month from these signs. Most importantly, I teach you how to NOT get in trouble with the city!

Direct Mail – Get exclusive knowledge on where to buy your lists, how to put it together, and how to fill your pipeline with leads! I never gave this information out until now!

Other Strategies – I briefly go over other strategies that you could eventually implement, but the first two are the ONLY strategies you need. Ever.

Negotiation and Making Offers

Get scripts to taking in calls- Nobody knows what to say their first phone call, so I just wrote out what I used in order to get the information you need and decide whether its worth it or not.

Comps – Get a full list of websites for getting best comps! Also, get directions on how to get comps in and around Chicago

BONUS – You get to use my exclusive Max Offer Calculator, shown below



Exclusively For Chicago and Metro County Areas

Property Guide – Complete breakdown of the most popular property styles in and around Chicago. This goes over single family homes and mulch-units. I include what are they called, what to look for, and how to compare one another.

Networking Database – A List of All Norther Illinois Networking Sites so you know where to go and start meeting heavy hitters.

Resource Page Linking You to ALL Metro County Websites. Here you will find taxes, owner info and more.


  • Buyer Questionnaire Sheet and Common Objections
  • Voice mail Script
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement AND Example of POS Filled OUT
  • Assignment Contract AND Example of Contract Agreement
  • Included Example of Signed Assignment Agreement
  • Leads Tracking Sheet

This is a small yet AMAZING piece of information that could speed up your learning curve significantly!

Total COST of ALL the info + my time = $1,900


$99.97 or $49.97

Only $29.97!


I’m new to the wholesale game and in all the information collecting I’ve been doing I’ve been a bit nervous that the methods and procedures I’ve been reading about don’t necessarily work in Chicago, so coming across your course was exactly what I needed. Basically, I can’t thank you enough!

– J. Burnell

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