SFR 2 bed 2 bath Landlord Special! Chicago Investment Property

SFR 2 bed 2 bath Landlord Special!

Chicagoland Investment Property Located in Markham.

Markham, IL. Single Family Home

Frame – 2 bed 2 bath
Unfinished Basement
162 South Block of Justine

Needs Full Rehab
Taxes: $4,500

Est. Rent: $1000

Notes: Landlord special! Great block, quiet.  Standard buy, fix, and rent.

All interested parties are required to submit a P.O.F. to gain access.

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» ruukie said: { Oct 23, 2011 - 09:10:11 }


Just a quick question: How do u manage to find or market for ur properties? Do u drive around to find properties or do use do direct marketing/post card?

thanks, and looking forward to ur answer….

» RJ Cid said: { Nov 10, 2011 - 03:11:50 }

I found my properties good ol fashion way, signs! Signs and some mail, but signs panned out as a better ROI per dollar. Driving around no longer is as needed if you use proper methods now. Reason being, in the areas that you will be going, where most wholesalers go, its very commong to see foreclosed homes and it wont make sense driving bc these properties are either on the MLS or the banks havnt made them available yet. The MLS is the quickest way, and direct mail to specific people, to drive around.

Either be a realtor or find one that you can build a relathionship with. I think having atleast $200 dollars worth of signs and materials could get your phone ringing for a while, both buyers and sellers.