Chicago Wholesalers, LETS GET YOU PAID!

Here @, we want to help ALL wholesalers move their deals! Why? Because in this market, we must all help one another move deals and get money, period. Other wholesalers who have leveraged our buyers list have made money.

Benefits of Working With Us:

  • Property will be sent to over 1,300 subscribed buyers
  • Leverage our social network to reach an additional 4,000 potential buyers
  • We DON’T charge! (we do however tack on a bit on top as any wholesaler would)
  • Our buyers have bought over 400 properties in last 18 months
  • We are CONSTANTLY marketing for buyers, just find DEALS!


  • Brick over frame, unless its a suburb in which case, frames are ok
  • Numbers MUST make sense – zestimates will NOT work = )
  • Must have 3 beds – apartment or single family

*we go through each deal individually and do our own due diligence prior to approval

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