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Cash Flow Property in Markham – Unavailable

Cash Flow Property in Markham, IL. 4 bed 2 bath, renting $1,100 a month with section 8. Only 24K! This is a steal in a great neighborhood.

Worst Seller Ever Part II

By now you can tell this is my story on how a fantastic and simple wholesale deal turned highly dangerous. Joe had previously agreed and signed documents so he did not have to attend the closing, a smart move by the lawyer.

Wholesaling Real Estate – Worst Seller Ever. Part I

This story can finally go online because it’s been about a year since this deal went down and I am no longer being stalked, yes stalked. You see, it all started around March or April of 2010. My buddy and I decided to join forces and do a probate campaign. We got our leads, made the cards and sent them out.

New Lenox, IL – Wholesale Property

New wholesale property in New Lenox, IL. This gem is very clean single family home and has a 20% potential ROI. Good area, needs appliances and paint.

Chicago Wholesale Property – Townhouse Northside

This is a 3 story townhouse built in 2008, it is clean. Real Estate Investors can pick this up and do some easy cleaning. Needs paint inside, polish the hard wood floors, new carpet in the bedrooms and stainless appliances.

5 Pieces of Advice for Newbie Wholesalers

Wholesaling your first deal is an interesting journey, so much so that I interviewed a newbie who closed on his first deal a few weeks ago. From that convo, I got 5 tips of advice for others looking to do the same.

Chicago’s Best Real Estate Agent

If you plan on fixing and flipping in Chicago, you need a top agent like Frank Montro. An agent like Frank can literally help you grow your investing business in Chicago, however he typically works with larger buyers and not newbies.

Chicago Single Family Home – Chattam

Chicago Single Family Home – Chattam

Chicago Real Estate Investing – Foreclosures on the Rise

There have been reports that the month of May was worse than April for Chicago Real Estate. The number of foreclosure fillings went up, and there is an estimated 9 month foreclosure inventory. What do investors think of this news? Good? Bad? We let you know our thoughts in this video blog.