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Why It’s OK to Hate Bank of America

As you know we had a mortgage/housing bubble pop in late 2007. Surprisingly enough, this was the same time I decided to get into real estate investing. Maybe it was the guru hype or whatever, but either way I went into the industry with hardened confidence (either that or newbie naivete). Regardless, I remember walkingbee

Investing In Englewood? Watch Video

Even with the stigma of being one of Chicago’s most crime ridden neighborhoods, Englewood has proven to be a neighborhood many investors are looking at helping to turn around.

Tips to Find Wholesale Properties in Chicago

If you’re looking to find wholesale properties in Chicago, well take out a pen and pad and get ready for the golden nuggets. It’s obvious by now that wholesaling properties in Chicago is what my business is currently doing. Since we have learned the best ways to market deals to reach a wide audience, it’s a sure thing that by giving you these tips, you will be able to find more than just a few properties that are ready for wholesale.

Why Wholesalers and Investors Should Get Their License

If you are a wholesaler or working with one, or just researching this niche in real estate [chicago wholesale property] for yourself, you will come across many uninformed individuals who will tell you that having a realtors license is needed to wholesale. These people are wrong and misinformed. They just don’t want you to promote yourself as a real estate advisor or consultant unless your licensed, which is what they are trying to tell you. Just remember this, as a wholesaler you are acting as a buyer and any contract is assignable to another person. Simple as that.

Chicago Wholesale Deal: Belmont Cragin 4 Legal, + 2 In laws In Attic.

This multi-family home is a must have for any investor looking for a property to fix n hold. Located between Belmont and Cragin neighborhoods in Hansen Park, this property is surrounded by an elementary school and Prosser High School.

This investment property has a total of 4 units plus 2 in-laws. Each unit has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. Rent in the area run $850-$950. It is possible to make $60,000 in one year on rent!