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Wholesaling Tools of the Trade

Wholesaling Tools of the Trade

Chicago real estate Investing – Wholesaling Tools

I get asked, “what do you need when you are looking at investment properties to wholesale?” And the answer is simple, a lot of tools! Having a sign is not enough, you will need signs, drills, flashlights and more. Check out the video we made when going out to properties in Chicago on what tools we take with us regularly.

21 Common Mistakes Made by Chicago Real Estate Wholesalers

Mistakes Made by Chicago Real Estate Wholesalers. Here are 21 well thought out tips and common mistakes that many wholesalers should take into account. Real Estate investing and wholesaling in Chicago can be very profitable, but many fail to understand how to spot a deal, know numbers, estimate repairs and so on. Here is our list.

Chicago Wholesaler Makes 2K, and 5 Real Estate Investing Tips

Local chicago wholesaler makes $2,000 using our help! We also want to highlight 5 tips when looking at real estate investing opportunities in and around Chicago. Find out what specific type of house to avoid, the importance of basements, and other tips regarding our investing world!

Duh! Winning! 5 Tips All Wholesalers Need to Know!

We have had some rough experiences with many wholesalers in the last few months. Too many are missing the mark when it comes to pricing and actual KNOWLEDGE of our city. We receive emails everyday, or almost, about new deals throughout the city. Many of the properties we see are NOT wholesale deals!! The frustration from both our team and our cash buyers have led us to make this quick blog about what wholesalers need to know regarding this business, in this market.

SFR 2 bed 2 bath Landlord Special! Chicago Investment Property

Build your rental portfolio with this beauty! This is Single family home has 34 bedrooms 2 baths and sits in a quiet block in the South Suburb of Markham, IL. This house needs a full rehab job, for a rental the estimated costs are around 20-22K. Get this CHEAP! Cash Buyers only please!

5 Must Know Tips When Investing In Chicago Real Estate! (w/video)

We have worked with Chicago’s top real estate investors, realtors, and wholesalers in the last few years. We have seen people come and go as you could expect in such a unstable market. Fortunately, we have seen what has made other successful and other investors fail. Whether you are a wholesaler or investor looking to get into the Chicago market, there are rules that will help you get started in the right direction which we will share exclusively with you. Below we have complied five tips that can help you tame the beast that is Chicago real estate investing!

Wholesaling Real Estate: Tips on What it Takes to Succeed!

These tips fit almost any self-starting entrepreneur. If you are wholesaling real estate, you are an entrepreneur, whether you think so or not. As any sport or industry you are in, the only way to succeed is to have passion, discipline, and humility.

Five Tips To Help You Start Wholesaling Real Estate

I live in Chicago and I wanted to invest in real estate. Since I used the same excuse others do about not having money, I looked into wholesaling. Wholesaling real estate is the art of putting a motivated seller and a cash buyer together and getting paid for brokering the deal. Now, there are times when this may look a bit overwhelming, but trust me it’s not that bad. No matter where you live, wholesaling is possible, even if there are not many investors in the area. If you follow these five tops, you will be wholesaling within a month or so.

5 Tips of Advice When Working With Other Real Estate Wholesalers

As a wholesaler you should always call on the “we buy houses” signs scattered throughout your town. Despite the advise of gurus, I recommend you always be honest and say that you are a wholesaler working with cash buyers to do deals. I bring this up because when you start putting up signs, you will be getting called by others who claim to be cash buyers when they are just wholesalers. Knowing other wholesalers will help you leverage their time and efforts to get deals sold quicker. Like all the aspects of real estate investing, you should know what to look out for when working with wholesalers to get deals done. My advice consists of knowing your numbers, controlling the deal, working with pros, and setting a professional standard.