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New Lenox, IL – Wholesale Property

New wholesale property in New Lenox, IL. This gem is very clean single family home and has a 20% potential ROI. Good area, needs appliances and paint.

The Zillow Report: What does that Mean for Investors?!

Chicago is ranked number one sellers market by We take a look at the report and what it may mean for wholesalers and buyers in the actual Chicago market.

5 Tips On Buying Your First Investment Property

Now a days,  it feels like everyone is buying up property and claiming to be an ‘investor”. Trust us when we say, it aint easy! Too many times we have wholesaled properties from investors who bought their first properties and found themselves in bad situations. Purchasing investment property is easy…. on paper! Luckily, hasbee

Investing In Englewood? Watch Video

Even with the stigma of being one of Chicago’s most crime ridden neighborhoods, Englewood has proven to be a neighborhood many investors are looking at helping to turn around.

Chicago Real Estate Investing – Foreclosures on the Rise

There have been reports that the month of May was worse than April for Chicago Real Estate. The number of foreclosure fillings went up, and there is an estimated 9 month foreclosure inventory. What do investors think of this news? Good? Bad? We let you know our thoughts in this video blog.

We are dipping into depression territory, START INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE!

The price drop on properties along with the foreclosure inventory are making this the perfect storm for real estate investors new and old. If the rumors are true and there are another few hundred thousand homes YET to be released as REO’s by the banks, then there is still time to get in the game while its near rock bottom! It is going to take investors for this thing to move forward and those who do will earn great wealth.

Tips on Wholesale and Real Estate Property in Chicago Neighborhooods

Tips on Investing in Chicago Real Estate
Are you looking for wholesale deals in Chicago? With so many neighbhorhoods and areas to choose from, I know it can get quite tricky. For any investor looking to purchase real estate in Chicago, the first thing they should know is Chicagos vast layout. There is a little bit of something for everyone here in Chicago. I have made general summaries for each side the city has. Each side has its own neighbhorhoods. The south side for example consists of areas like Hyde Park, Chattam, Burnside, South Chicago, Chicago heights, etc.. Hopefully these short descriptions will give you an idea for what to look for and where to start. For investors looking to stay in the north side of chicago, I have broken it down for you.