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How Wholesaling Humbled Me

You can read everywhere online how to get started in real estate, but my experiences have taught me that beyond the marketing, calls, and negotiating, the mind or inner game, is most important. A great analogy would be a carpenter and his tools. Having top notch tools is imperative, but being the top notch skilledbee

Getting Back Into Wholesaling – Lessons Learned and Adivce

Background: Hey everyone, I worked with Jae back in 2011 and walked him through his first deal. However, Jae got distracted by life and recently had a resurgence in real estate. The last few weeks he has put out over 200 signs and is getting back on the horse. To be honest, many people gobee

5 Lessons Investors Can Learn From The US. Women’s Soccer Team

This past weekend the U.S. Women’s team defeated their rival Brazil in a heroic win. The game serves as a metaphor for how we can succeed in this market. I was inspired and hope to inspire you in case you missed the game!