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Interview with Chicago Wholesaler, Carmen Russel

Interview with a new real estate wholesaler. Learn how Carmen started wholesaling and see what tips and secrets she has to share for newbies!

Getting Back Into Wholesaling – Lessons Learned and Adivce

Background: Hey everyone, I worked with Jae back in 2011 and walked him through his first deal. However, Jae got distracted by life and recently had a resurgence in real estate. The last few weeks he has put out over 200 signs and is getting back on the horse. To be honest, many people gobee

5 Reasons You Will Fail At Wholesaling

Since the crash of 2008, its obvious the real estate market has not been the same. When I got started wholesaling, all I would hear about was how much money random wholesalers were making during the boom, I’m talking MILLIONS! Since then, however, many wholesalers have failed to do just 1 deal, if that.

My First Wholesale Deal Video

A few months back I created a video, “My first Wholesale Deal”, and described my efforts starting out as a wholesaler. The video apparently has gotten a great number of views and comments! I would like to help others understand what it takes to get a property under their belt. Many newbies in wholesaling forget that its a tough economy and you have to hustle harder than ever.

SFR 2 bed 2 bath Landlord Special! Chicago Investment Property

Build your rental portfolio with this beauty! This is Single family home has 34 bedrooms 2 baths and sits in a quiet block in the South Suburb of Markham, IL. This house needs a full rehab job, for a rental the estimated costs are around 20-22K. Get this CHEAP! Cash Buyers only please!

Five Tips To Help You Start Wholesaling Real Estate

I live in Chicago and I wanted to invest in real estate. Since I used the same excuse others do about not having money, I looked into wholesaling. Wholesaling real estate is the art of putting a motivated seller and a cash buyer together and getting paid for brokering the deal. Now, there are times when this may look a bit overwhelming, but trust me it’s not that bad. No matter where you live, wholesaling is possible, even if there are not many investors in the area. If you follow these five tops, you will be wholesaling within a month or so.