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Interview with Chicago Wholesaler, Carmen Russel

Interview with a new real estate wholesaler. Learn how Carmen started wholesaling and see what tips and secrets she has to share for newbies!

How Wholesaling Humbled Me

You can read everywhere online how to get started in real estate, but my experiences have taught me that beyond the marketing, calls, and negotiating, the mind or inner game, is most important. A great analogy would be a carpenter and his tools. Having top notch tools is imperative, but being the top notch skilledbee

Wholesaling Real Estate – Worst Seller Ever. Part I

This story can finally go online because it’s been about a year since this deal went down and I am no longer being stalked, yes stalked. You see, it all started around March or April of 2010. My buddy and I decided to join forces and do a probate campaign. We got our leads, made the cards and sent them out.

5 Pieces of Advice for Newbie Wholesalers

Wholesaling your first deal is an interesting journey, so much so that I interviewed a newbie who closed on his first deal a few weeks ago. From that convo, I got 5 tips of advice for others looking to do the same.

What Title Company to Use?

n the past few months I’ve seen people consistently ask, “What title company should I use?”. Then when they get the answer, they act like it’s the wrong answer! Listen up folks, if you are wholesaling a property, the title company is problem number 140 on the list of to-dos. Seriously! However, no need to worry as we will answer this age old question below.

5 Reasons You Will Fail At Wholesaling

Since the crash of 2008, its obvious the real estate market has not been the same. When I got started wholesaling, all I would hear about was how much money random wholesalers were making during the boom, I’m talking MILLIONS! Since then, however, many wholesalers have failed to do just 1 deal, if that.

How To Generate More Income From Your Real Estate Business, In Less Time!

Working on your business and working within your business are two different ways of generating income in real estate. Hiring people and companies is definitely the way to go if you want to hit that next level in your real estate investment business. That is when you know your real estate business is growing, when you start hiring others to do work for you

Chicago Real Estate Investing – Foreclosures on the Rise

There have been reports that the month of May was worse than April for Chicago Real Estate. The number of foreclosure fillings went up, and there is an estimated 9 month foreclosure inventory. What do investors think of this news? Good? Bad? We let you know our thoughts in this video blog.

5 Benefits of Working Private Seller Deals vs REOs

Investing in real estate can get confusing for many people who are starting out. There is so much information as to where to start and what to do, that it can lead to action freeze. We have found the 5 benefits of working with private seller deals as opposed to bank owned reos. There is an argument for both strategies and either one can make you a lot of money!

Chicago Wholesale Property – Roseland – Single Family Home

Chicago Wholesale Property – Roseland – Single Family Home