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Becoming a Wholesaler: 90 Day Update

Well, it looks like Jae is coming up in the wholesaling world. He has learned what he needs to do and is very honest about it. He is setting his sights on getting deals done and reaching out to the connections he’s made. The journey is what matters and it looks like Jae has a great head on his shoulders and there is NO doubt that he can achieve his goals no matter what business he is in.

Let us know what you think about Jae and his journey so far!! Comment below!

Getting Back Into Wholesaling – Lessons Learned and Adivce

Background: Hey everyone, I worked with Jae back in 2011 and walked him through his first deal. However, Jae got distracted by life and recently had a resurgence in real estate. The last few weeks he has put out over 200 signs and is getting back on the horse. To be honest, many people gobee

Chicago Brick Bungalow

Property Adress: 9400 South Block of Racine Property City: Chicago Asking Price: 35,000 Estimated After Repaired Value: 180,000 Estimated Cost of Repairs: $65-75,000 Street addresses and sales prices of comps: 9206 S Racine Ave. Chicago, IL 60620 Sold for $185,000 on Dec 12, 20129008 S May St. Chicago, IL 60620 Sold for $185,000 on Decbee

Simple Marketing Tips for Finding Wholesale Deals

We cannot stress this enough: If you are not marketing like a business owner you will fail in this industry. Nobody can get by solely posting other peoples deals online. Seriously, it’s the hunter not the gatherer who eats the most. Real estate investing, specifically wholesaling, is no different. Too many solo-prenuers out there have NO idea what they are doing and will burn out before they know it.

Worst Seller Ever Part II

By now you can tell this is my story on how a fantastic and simple wholesale deal turned highly dangerous. Joe had previously agreed and signed documents so he did not have to attend the closing, a smart move by the lawyer.

5 Tips on How To Get Started in Real Estate Ivesting

While the news likes to focus on the negatives, we see the opportunity. There is so much opportunity that USA Today had to write a report on it. Its no surprise though, if you were going to seinars and events back in 2008, 2009, you heard everyone saying this would happen, and guess what, IT IS!

Wholesaling Real Estate: 5 Lessons From My first Wholesale Deal!

I wanted to write a blog and talk about some of the things I learned when I did my first real estate deal. As you know, I was able to find another investor, sell myself, and get a few properties to market for him. From beginning to end, it took us over more than a month to take a foreclosure and wholesale it for 10K. Reflecting on that very special moment, here are my 5 lessons learned that would be helpful for anyone getting started.

Chicago real estate Investing – Wholesaling Tools

I get asked, “what do you need when you are looking at investment properties to wholesale?” And the answer is simple, a lot of tools! Having a sign is not enough, you will need signs, drills, flashlights and more. Check out the video we made when going out to properties in Chicago on what tools we take with us regularly.

21 Common Mistakes Made by Chicago Real Estate Wholesalers

Mistakes Made by Chicago Real Estate Wholesalers. Here are 21 well thought out tips and common mistakes that many wholesalers should take into account. Real Estate investing and wholesaling in Chicago can be very profitable, but many fail to understand how to spot a deal, know numbers, estimate repairs and so on. Here is our list.

Chicago Wholesaler Makes 2K, and 5 Real Estate Investing Tips

Local chicago wholesaler makes $2,000 using our help! We also want to highlight 5 tips when looking at real estate investing opportunities in and around Chicago. Find out what specific type of house to avoid, the importance of basements, and other tips regarding our investing world!