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Chicago Brick 2 Flat: Deal Or No Deal?! You tell me!!

Do we have a deal?! I mean, the property technically fits what investors and wholesalers want: Cheap, broken down, motivated sellers etc… BUT the damage is extensive and the property may or may not generate enough profit for it to be a deal. Look at the video and tell me whether this Chicago investment property is a deal or no!

We are dipping into depression territory, START INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE!

The price drop on properties along with the foreclosure inventory are making this the perfect storm for real estate investors new and old. If the rumors are true and there are another few hundred thousand homes YET to be released as REO’s by the banks, then there is still time to get in the game while its near rock bottom! It is going to take investors for this thing to move forward and those who do will earn great wealth.

5 Practical Tips to Help Anyone Wholesaling Real Estate Improve Their Busines

Many wholesalers get into the game with great intentions but fail due to bad planning. My tips are to help people know and understand some vital components that go into a wholesaling business. From organizing your folders and joinging facebook groups, these tips come from what the top wholesalers in the industry teach others throughout their coaching or courses.