Tips to Find Wholesale Properties in Chicago

If you’re looking to find wholesale properties in Chicago, well take out a pen and pad and get ready for the golden nuggets. It’s obvious by now that wholesaling properties in Chicago is what my business is currently doing.  Since we have learned the best ways to market deals to reach a wide audience, it’s a sure thing that by giving you these tips, you will be able to find more than just a few properties that are ready for wholesale.

Tip one – Online Classified Sites: One of the quickest ways to get wholesale deals in Chicago is to go to Craigslist or MyHouseDeals-dot-com. Craigslist will have a section where people post properties under “real estate for sale – by owner”. Any smart wholesaler will have a presence in this section of Craigslist. As far as goes, well it is specifically for Chicago wholesale properties. MHD does not serve the entire country but it is growing.

Tip Two – Bandit Signs: Typically you should not be able to find many signs out for long because many cities like to take them down immediately, not Chicago though. Take a drive around Chicago’s South and West Sides and begin taking down the phone numbers from the ugly “we buy houses” signs. You will defiantly find a number of wholesalers who are actively putting property under contract in the city.

Tip Three – Craigslist: If you live in Chicago and are looking for a property, you should look under the Real Estate for Sale – by Owner tab on the site. This is because many wholesalers like myself post our properties there and use it to our SEO advantage. At any given time, you will find a deal or wholesaler on the classified site.

Tip Four – Social Media: This is very important, go online and start joining Facebook and LinkedIn groups that are strictly about real estate and in the city of Chicago. For example I have a group called, “Chicago REO’s and Wholesale Deals”, many of the people in this group are active investors and wholesalers looking to share deals. You want to begin socializing with them and begin to market deals to these people.  This is a quick and cheap way to start building a buyers list also.

Tip Five – Me: If you are looking for a local wholesaler in Chicago that knows the city and has experience, look no further. I am a great source of information for anyone looking to wholesale real estate in Chicago, or find Chicago wholesale properties.

For more information about finding cheap Chicago Wholesale properties or real estate, sign up to my website,

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