Wholesaling Tools of the Trade

Bandit Sign Tools


18″ x 24″ YELLOW Blank Corrugated Plastic Signs

10 PK – $15.99

25 PK – $37.99

50 PK – $63.99

I recommend you use these signs FIRST, before you purchase pre-made signs, simply because these blank bandit signs will be significantly cheaper and you can work on your ad copy. I strictly purchase mines through eBay since i feel the prices are best on that site.

Yellow stands out better than White, which is why I prefer yellow.


Zip Ties 48″ Inch Pack

50 Pieces – $37.99

I put signs up using zip ties more than I do using staples. The 48″ in. ties are the longest and will give you enough for various poles, tress, etc..

These zip ties can hold you over a bit more than staples because there are less wooden poles to place them on. Looking for how to use these, just check out a video I made on how to use bandit signs for finding motivated sellers.


Sharpie Magnum Oversize Permanent Marker Chisel Tip, Black

3 Pack – $8.99

I recommend you purchase at least 3 at one time since they run out fast. You want to make sure that the color comes out dark and thick. After 40 signs or so, they start to weaken which will make it harder for people to see the signs from a distance.






The Sign Stapler – Staple Bandit Signs To Various Wooden Posts

$139 Each Stapler

This is probably the most used tool a wholesaler will use. I, however, do not use this tool any more since Chicago is loaded with metal posts and the only wooden posts are usually hidden and obscure from street view.

But you are free to use this as long as you are aware of the rules in your area regarding signage.





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