We are dipping into depression territory, START INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE!

We are dipping into depression territory,


Many savvy investors will make a KILLING in the next few years, will you be one?

Recently there was an article on CNBC.com, here is the link, entitled “Housing Market Slips Into Depression Territory”. The article goes on to explain its reasoning for dropping the D word. While Wall St. maybe getting back to form, our housing market is being left behind. The amount of foreclosures yet to hit the market, the drop in property value since 2006 (26%), and the total debt our government has put us in are all giant factors that point to long road to recovery.

The price drop on properties along with the foreclosure inventory are making this the perfect storm for real estate investors new and old. If the rumors are true and there are another few hundred thousand homes YET to be released as REO’s by the banks, then there is still time to get in the game while its near rock bottom! It is going to take investors for this thing to move forward and those who do will earn great wealth.

Also, wholesalers play an important role in all this for many reasons. A major reason is that people who have houses or inherited them, want cash to move on with their lives and not deal with a property they don’t want. People who are under water on their current homes need wholesalers as do short sale investors! Find a smart short sale investor and help them with their pipeline of business! We all can play a small role and position ourselves to be ontop of the wave when the market stabalizes in the next 5-10 years.

Stop wasting time, get knowledge, join a local REIA and start taking action!

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